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Library staff

  • Teacher-librarian: Mrs Jeanette Pawsey
  • Library teacher-aide: Mrs Fay McKergow

Opening hours

  • 8.40 am to 2.40 pm Monday to Wednesday.
  • The library is open both breaks Monday to Friday.

What can I do in the library?

  • read a book
  • borrow a book
  • play games with friends
  • draw
  • use the computer
  • research
  • check out our displays
  • other special activities listed in the newsletter.


  • All students are encouraged to borrow regularly and frequently.

  • A library resource can be borrowed for a maximum of two weeks.

  • If a student needs extra time, the resource must be returned and renewed.

  • Students are encouraged to return books promptly so others may use them.

  • Overdue lists are issued regularly to classes.

  • Library resources which are lost or damaged must be reported to Library Staff immediately.

  • Preps can borrow one junior fiction book.

  • Years 1 and 2 can borrow one fiction book and one non-fiction book.

  • Year 3 can borrow two fiction books and one non-fiction book.

  • Years 4 to 6 can borrow two fiction books and two nonfiction books.

  • All students are encouraged to use library bags for borrowing.